About us

Danny Balboa’s Sauce Co is all about making things bloody delicious. Our hot sauces and spice rubs are made to be shared with friends and family, whether that means entertaining half the neighbourhood or making a midweek meal something worth gathering round the table for. We’re guaranteed to deliver serious flavour with unserious vibes.

Our products are locally and lovingly made in Melbourne, in small batches to obsessively tested recipes. We started up in 2017, and we’ve won a bunch of awards since then, so we

know our stuff when it comes to cooking up damn good food. We know our suppliers, we know where our ingredients come from, we know our customers expect us to bring the heat, and the good times.

Our founders, Dan and Nat, believe sharing food is a way of communicating. Sometimes food says: “Hey groovers, let’s party!” Sometimes it says: “Sorry you’re having a rough day. Do you need a cuddle?” And sometimes, it’s all: “Oi, you already share these tasty treats with your mates, why not turn it into a business so everyone’s invited to the party?”

For Dan and Nat, running Danny Balboa’s Sauce Co means building a place where they both fit in, where mental health is championed, and where neurodivergent brains get to create something special every day. We’ve always been a place where weird is welcome.