Braised Boozey Beef Cheeks

Braised Boozey Beef Cheeks

                                                           Serves 4   //   Prep: 20min   //   Cook: 4hrs  


    4 beef cheeks

    25g butter

    1 good sized sweet potato, peeled & roughly chopped

    2 potatoes, peeled & roughly chopped

    1 clove of garlic, peeled

    ¼ C milk

    Charred asparagus to serve

Braising liquid

    ¼ C Danny Balboa’s Fight Sauce

    2 pints of Guinness

    500ml beef stock

    Whole bulb of garlic cloves

    ¼ C dry sherry

    ¼ C soy sauce

    ¼ C Worcestershire

    2 red onions, roughly sliced

    ½ bunch of parsley, chop up stalks and save leaves for serving

    2 bay leaves

    2T brown sugar

    1t salt

    1t cracked black pepper



  1. Mix all braising ingredients in tray and set aside.
  2. Trim beef cheeks and liberally coat with salt and pepper. Smoke for approximately 2-3hrs at 350F till they get a nice crust then transfer to the tray with the braising liquid. Cover in foil and place back in pit till they reach an internal temp of 200F (approx 2hrs), then set aside to rest.
  3. Reduce braising liquid till thick and glossy and add a knob of butter
  4. Serve on top of sweet potato mash and charred asparagus. Drizzle with your reduction and sprinkle with parsley